Corrugated Die Cut Boxes

Corrugated Die Cut Boxes
Finding corrugated die cut boxes in the right size isn’t always easy – unless you rely on a manufacturer like Croton Point Products. For more than 20 years, Croton Point Products has provided corrugated die cut boxes in a wide range of standard and custom sizes.
Standard Corrugated Die Cut Boxes
Croton Point Products stocks corrugated die cut boxes in an exhaustive range of standard sizes. In our selection, you will find boxes to fit items of any size or shape. To help you be absolutely sure that you find the right fit, we’ll send you sample boxes so that you can make a hands-on choice.
Request samples. Contact Croton Point Products at 866-865-2697.
Custom Corrugated Die Cut Boxes
Our team can create custom die cut corrugated boxes that meet your needs exactly. Whether you need to add your logo to a box or design an insert to hold a uniquely-shaped product, we can help. By providing samples and prototypes, we will work with you to create the custom design that fits.
Custom Printing
If you need a custom box printed with your company’s brand, Croton Point Products has got you covered. We cut and custom-print boxes efficiently with a rotary die cutter. Using 1 – 3 color, direct print process or a 4-color litho-laminate process, we can replicate even the most complex branding designs. If you need assistance with your designs, we have artists on staff who are available for a consultation.
Custom Finishes
We can apply coatings to boxes to make them water-resistant, water-proof and oil-resistant.
Custom Inserts
Inserts can help hold items in place during shipping. Croton Point Products can design and manufacture inserts specifically for your unique application. Thermoformed plastic, corrugated and foam inserts are available.
Packaging Materials
In addition to boxes, we supply all of the materials you need for shipping, such as:
  • Tape
  • Labels
  • Tissue paper
  • Crinkle
  • Shredded paper
  • Stock-size inserts
Contact Croton Point Products
To request samples for standard size die cut corrugated boxes or to discuss custom options, contact Croton Point Products at 866-865-2697. Croton Point Products is an East Coast-based manufacturer and distributor that supplies corrugated boxes to customers all over the United States.