Step Stools / Ladders

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Complete Line of Step Stools and Ladders for Office, Warehouse and Industrial use.
  • “Stop-Step” Aluminum Ladders, 300 lb. duty rating, roll when you push, stop when you step on them; with and without handrail
  • Aluminum Euro Platform Ladder, 200 lb. duty rating
  • Aluminum Step Ladder, 225 lb. load capacity, extra-large automatic pail shelf
  • Aluminum Step Stool, 200 lb. duty rating
  • Commercial Step Stool 300 lb. duty rating
  • Fiberglass Step Ladder, 225 lb. duty rating
  • Max Work Platform, 225 lb. duty rating, utility tray, extended hand-grip handle
  • One-Step Stackable Economy Step Stool, 300 lb. capacity
  • Original “Kik-Step” Stool, 500 lb. capacity, spring-mounted casters
  • Pal Step Stool, 300 lb. capacity, aluminum construction, nonslip treads
  • QS2 and QS3 Quick Step Steel Step Stools, 200 lb. duty rating
  • Rolling Step Stool, Curved Design, 350 lb. capacity, retracting casters
  • Steel Folding Three-Step Ladder, 300 lb. capacity, 2” retracting casters
  • Steel Qwik Step Platform Ladder, 200 lb. duty rating.
  • task* it 1UP folding Step Stool and task* it Scooter Pod with retracting casters
  • Two Step Work Platform, 225 lb. load capacity, utility tray for paint cans and tools
  • Two-Step Folding Stool, 300 lb. capacity
  • Two-Step Stackable Economy Step Stool, 300 lb. capacity
  • Wood Step Stool, 225 lb. capacity, folds flat
  • World’s Greatest Step Stool, 300 lb. duty rating, lightweight aluminum frame