A Complete Range of Stock labels: Warnings, Handling, Stocking, Inventory, Production, Safety; a giant assortment to meet your every need. Control your inventory- in warehouse and in shipping. Comply with national and international warning regulations. Protect fragile shipments with safe handling instructions. All types of labels for all applications: paper, plastic, weatherproof.
Anti-Static Labels: Boldly display instructions and warnings with pressure sensitive labels. Bright colors instantly alert shippers that contents of packages are static sensitive.
International Safe-Handling Labels: Internationally recognized universal symbols and pictograms. Pressure sensitive labels on high-gloss paper. Red arrows comply with IATA regulations.
Fragile Shipping Labels: Call attention to your fragile shipment with pressure sensitive labels on high-gloss paper, including fluorescent red, green and yellow labels, and bold three-color labels.
Delicate Instrument Labels: Boldly display warnings for your delicate instruments. Pressure sensitive labels on high-gloss paper. Instantly informs handlers of sensitive contents.
Glass/Liquids Shipping Labels: Identify glass or liquid contents using bright red labels. Pressure sensitive labels on high-gloss paper. Gives a professional appearance to your important shipments.
Arrow Labels: Use Arrow Labels to call attention to the upwards direction of your package or box. Pressure sensitive labels on high-gloss paper. Easy to use; simply peel and apply.
Shipping Labels – Fluorescent: Use these labels on UPSable packages, envelopes and small boxes to ensure proper handling. Red fluorescent labels stand out on any packaging. Clear shipping instructions are printed in solid black.
Shipping Labels – High Gloss: Quality high-gloss, attractive red labels, guaranteed to stand out. Pressure sensitive, easy to use. Boldly displays instructions and warnings to package handlers. Distinctive white text immediately grabs attention.
Special Handling Labels – DO NOT…: Labels communicate proper handling instructions while eliminating time consuming handwritten instructions. Use on pallets and large boxes. All 500 per roll except for 8” x 10” which are 250 per roll.
Special Handling Labels – English/Spanish: Labels communicate in English and in Spanish for international shipping and storage.
Special Handling Labels – Top/Climate: Clearly marks “Do Not Top,” “Top Load Only,” frozen, refrigerated, protect from freezing, for special handling and temperature-sensitive shipments.
Special Handling Labels – Mixed: Labels clearly identify mixed merchandise, mixed skids and pallets, mixed parts to ensure careful, proper sorting of contents.
Special Handling Labels – Shipping: Fluorescent, pressure-sensitive shipping labels stand out and get noticed. Avoid illegible handwritten instructions by using labels to clearly state the special handling information and warnings.
Pre-Printed Inventory Labels: Perfect for use in the warehouse and on inventory. Pressure-sensitive fluorescent labels stand out and get noticed immediately.
“Made in USA” Labels: Proudly display where your products are made. Printed on attractive white high-gloss stock.
Production Labels: Simplify inventory and quality control operations with these white or fluorescent colored labels. Large 3” x 5” labels are perfect for skids and large shipments. Easy to write on with pens, pencils or markers.
Special Handling Labels – Fragile: Ensure proper handling while eliminating tedious handwritten instructions. Recommended for pallets and large packages. Large 4” x 6” pressure-sensitive fluorescent labels stand out and get noticed, while smaller 2 “ x 3” labels are perfect for small packages and envelopes.
Enclosed Labels: Clearly indicate when packing lists, invoices, documents, instructions, small parts and extra-heavy items are enclosed in your shipment.
Receiving Labels: Clearly indicate receiving instructions, such as signature required, open this side only, open immediately, inspect for damage, and hold for inspection.
Rush Labels: Rush labels single out packages or shipments that need immediate attention. Identify “hot” or “perishable” items with specific labels. All 500 per roll.
Pallet Corner Labels: Wrap these fluorescent labels around corners of your large shipments to ensure proper handling. Adheres to stretch wrap and corrugated.
Pallet Protection Labels: Protect skids and shipments from pilferage and damage with these highly visible large labels. Avoid unnecessary product damage and claim disputes. Green, yellow and red labels feature fluorescent colors.
Inventory Control Labels – Quality/Shipping: Mark your inventory with inspection, rejection, use first, ok to ship, return to vendor, counted, hold, and other specific inventory labels for bins, racks, shelves and pallets.
Inventory Labels – Rectangles & Circles: Colored labels are easy to write on with pens or markers. Bright labels quickly identify shipments, pallets, shelves or boxes. Fluorescent packs are 5 packs of 1,000 labels of each fluorescent color: Red, Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow. Regular colors: Red, Dk. Blue, Lt. Blue, Green, White, Black, Purple.
Removable Adhesive Labels: Use for temporary coding of items. Leaves no residue upon removal. Use on corrugated boxes, paper and glass. Write-on surface.
Block Out Labels: Covers markings and printing on cartons. Blends in with Kraft and white corrugated boxes. Hides existing labels, text and designs in seconds.
Pre-Printed Inventory Labels – Numbers: Use brightly colored labels to identify years, quarters, or numbers on shipments, inventory or shelving. Label dispensers available separately. 500 labels per roll.
Easy Order Inventory Packs: Convenient pre-packed boxes of either all 12 months or numbers 1-10. Contains one roll of each. 500 labels per roll.
Pre-Printed Inventory Labels – Months: Date and organize inventory with colorful labels. Bright, pressure-sensitive labels quickly identify important dated stock. Label dispensers available separately. 500 labels per roll.
Pre-Printed Inventory Labels – Days of the Week: Display important days of the week on an easy-to-use pressure-sensitive label. 500 labels per roll.
Pre-Printed Labels – Consecutive Numbers: Number products, inventory or skids. Pressure-sensitive labels with bold ½” numbers.
Disposal/Trash Labels: Boldly display instructions and warnings with pressure-sensitive labels. Clearly mark trash and recycling at your workplace.
Regulated Labels: Clearly identify regulated products, materials and waste with a complete range of warning labels including biohazard, health and fire hazards, RoHS compliance, battery notice, hazardous, non-hazardous and universal waste labels.
Pictogram Labels: Boldly display instructions and warnings with pressure-sensitive labels.
ORM-D Labels: Label shipments containing materials classified as Other Regulated Materials.
D.O.T. Labels: Boldly display D.O.T. labels on hazardous shipments. Subsidiary Risk Labels available upon request. All labels are 4” x 4”, 500 labels per roll.
Pre-Printed D.O.T. Labels: Mark vehicles or packages containing hazardous materials with pre-printed D.O.T. labels. All pre-printed D.O.T. labels include the appropriate identification number.
Mailing Labels: Great for sealing envelopes, mailing pieces and gift boxes. Clear Acetate labels are transparent so graphics show through the label; available perforated for easy opening. Frosty White Paper labels keep mailings safely shut, then open easily by sliding finger. White Paper labels stand out from packaging materials and -clearly show the opening point; allows projects to open without tearing. Jumbo Rolls – Clear Acetate, for automated machines. Mailing label dispenser available separately.