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Foam Inserts
Every product that travels from one place to another needs some sort of protection. Foam inserts protect fragile or sensitive items during shipping. At Croton Point Products, we offer an exhaustive selection of stock and custom foam inserts for shipping boxes. Our selection includes everything from foam roll to wine shippers.
Foam inserts are essential for protecting items such as:
  • Gift ware
  • Electronics
  • Food (fruit, cakes, frozen items)
  • Wine bottles
  • And much more
Custom Foam Inserts for Shipping and Packaging
Though a wide array of stock foam inserts are available, there are times when one size just doesn’t fit all. Using a comprehensive set of manufacturing techniques and a broad selection of high-quality foam, we are able to design and manufacture custom foam inserts for any product. Boxes can also be custom printed to hold stock or custom foam inserts.

Technology We Use
To cut unique foam shapes, we use sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, such as:
  • Die cutters
  • Water jet cutters
  • Computer-aided hot wire tracing machines
  • Foam convoluters
We can cut any shape, including end caps, corners, edge protectors, liners and custom wine shippers.

Types of Foam
We use top-quality foam for custom foam inserts. If you are unsure which type of foam will provide the best protection for your products, our team can help.
  • Die cut, fabricated and molded Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Polylam
  • PE
  • Polyurethane
  • Polypropylene
Design Assistance
Creating an effective foam insert takes knowledge and experience. Our engineering team has years of experience and can help you design a custom foam insert that will keep you product safe and cool  until it reaches its final destination. We offer sampling so that you can see exactly how your product will fit before committing to a production run.

Custom Liners for Insulated Containers
We cut custom liners sets for insulated shipping containers and coolers. These are less expensive and easier to ship and store.

Construction Foam
Croton Point provides foam to customers in the construction industry. We also offer extruded foam for roofing and insulating applications.
To purchase stock foam inserts or discuss custom foam inserts with our engineering team, contact Croton Point Products or request a quote today. As an East Coast-based distributor and manufacturer, with foam factories in GA, VA, IN, FL and OK, we serve customers all across the nation. Call 866-865-2697 today.