Stretch Film

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Complete Line of Stretch Film and Stretch Film Dispensers.
Stretch Film Dispensers: Industrial Foam Grip, Heavy-Duty Knob Grip, Heavy-Duty Handle Grip Stretch Film Dispensers; Hand-Saver Dispenser, and Hand-Saver Dispenser With Tensioner.
Stretch Film Cutter and Cutter Blades.
Cast Hand Stretch Film: Reduce warehouse noise up to 75% with super quiet, quality Cast Hand Stretch film. Cast Film is ultra clear; makes bar codes easy to read. Releases smooth and easy off the roll. 60, 70, 80, 90, and 120 Gauge Cast Hand Stretch Film in 12”, 15” and 18” wide rolls.
Color-Tinted Hand Stretch Film: Use Colored Hand Stretch Film for product identification. Great for inventory control, carrier identification or just to call attention to your shipment. Quiet, smooth and easy release. Choose from red, blue or green. 80 Gauge; 18” wide rolls.
Opaque Hand Stretch Film: Opaque film completely conceals shipments. Economical to use. Film completely conceals in one pass. Ideal for outdoor storage or international shipments. Strong blown film is puncture resistant for irregular loads. 80 Gauge; 15” and 18” wide rolls.
Anti-Static Hand Stretch Film: Protects shipments from static discharge. Anti-static agent is incorporated into this quiet cast film. Keep shipments clean and intact while protecting from static discharge. Pink 80 gauge cast film in 17” wide roll.
Pre-Stretched Stretch Film.
Blown Hand Stretch Film: Puncture and Tear Resistant Blown Film handles your toughest irregular loads. 60, 70, 80, 90, and 120 Gauge Blown Hand Stretch Film in 12”, 15” and 18” width rolls. Excellent cling provides superior load stabilization; performs in temperatures down to -5° F.
Goodwrappers® Economy Stretch Film, Premium Stretch Film, Color-Tinted Stretch Film, and Black Opaque UVI Stretch Film.
Extended Core Stretch Film: Does not require a dispenser. Quiet, ultra clear cast film. 70, 80, 90 Gauge.
Extended Core Bundling Stretch Film: Does not require a dispenser. Fully ready to use out of the box. Faster, easier and more economical to use than strapping, tape or twine. Great for combining items for freight consolidation. Quality quiet cast film. 80, 100, and 120 Gauge.
Goodwrappers® Bundling Stretch Film and Identi-Wrap Stretch Film.
Clear Bundling Stretch Film; Color-Tinted Bundling Stretch Film; Plastic Bundling Stretch Film Dispensers; Mini-Wrap Dispenser.
Goodwrappers® Stretch Netting, Clear Top Sheeting, and Top Sheeting Kit.
Economy Clear Top Sheeting.
Pallet Band – Standard and Heavy Duty.
Vented Pallet Wrap – Handwrap and Machine Wrap.
Cast Machine Stretch Film, Blown Machine Stretch Film, Opaque Blown Machine Stretch Film.