Economy Anti-Fatigue Mats and Runners: Basic anti-fatigue protection. PVC closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort. Provides a barrier to cold floors. All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards. Choose from Gray, Black or Black/Yellow.
Premium Anti-Fatigue Mats and Runners: Non-directional top surface ensures excellent traction, and is easy to clean. Outperforms competitive products in tear resistance and tensile strength. All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards. Choose from Black or Black/Yellow.
Hog Heaven® Nitrile Mats: Hog Heaven® Mats are made from static dissipative 100% Nitrile and are cushioned to ease knees and backs. Nitrile rubber surface resists oil and chemicals. Beveled Nitrile, Yellow-striped safety boarders remain flexible for the life of the product.
Bubble Mats: Dozens of air pockets reduce fatigue and provide all-day comfort. Resilient rubber construction does not compress over time. All four sides are beveled for safety. Great for stationary work places such as retail checkout or warehouse packing and production areas.
Rejuvenator® Mats: Unsurpassed resistance to abrasion in heavy use environments while keeping workers comfortable all day. 100% urethane composition makes mats crush resistant and offers better chemical resistance than vinyl or rubber. Holds well to hard floor surfaces.
Mud Chucker® Shoe/Boot Scraper: Save your boots and shoes (and floors) from debris. Removes grass clippings, snow, sand, dirt, salt etc. from the bottom and sides of shoes and boots. Flexible rubber “fingertips” on the side walls quickly remove debris. Debris is easily shaken off, while snow and ice melt filter sown the front and back edges.
Marble Anti-Fatigue Mats: Smooth marble-pattern top surface of 1/8” heavy-duty rubber is combined with 3/8” dense foam base. Sloped, beveled foam on all four sides allows for easy access on and off of the mat. Overall mat thickness is ½”. Choose from four marble colors: Walnut, Black, Gray or Blue.
Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mats: Durable vinyl mats feature ultra-soft cushioning and diamond pattern, anti-slip treads. Sloped, beveled foam on all four sides allows for easy access on and off of the mat. Designed for dry, heavy-use areas like workstations, packing areas, service counters and assembly lines. Black color conceals dirt and scuffs while bright yellow borders allow for maximum safety awareness. Overall mat thickness is 9/16”.
Rubberized Entry Mats: Tough, flexible rubber “fingers” sweep shoes clean while suction cups on underside help minimize shifting. Molded, beveled edges on all four sides create a moisture retention dam.
Scraper Entry Mats: Keep dirt and grime outside your door. Mad scrapes shoes clean to avoid tracking in dirt and debris. Specialized molded rubber tread provides slip resistance.
Deluxe Entry Mats: Attractive indoor mat stands up to high traffic entryways. Soil and water get trapped beneath shoe level and stay out of your facility. Rubber backing keeps mat in place – no slipping.
Corrugated Rib Runners: Protect your floors and reduce noise. Matting is designed with corrugations running lengthwise for traction. Fine ribs trap dirt, debris and moisture.
Modular Mats: Interlocking system allows you to customize floor set. Rubber construction for fatigue reduction and easy maintenance. Optional beveled edges smooth transitions on and off mat.
Anti-Slip Drainage Mat: Reversible anti-fatigue mat with molded-in beveled edges. Lightweight mat with excellent grease-resistant properties. May also be used as an outdoor entrance mat.
Slip Guard Drainage Mats: Lightweight, launderable mat for use in any wet or dry environment. 100% high density Nitrile Rubber offers superior grease and oil resistance. Provides anti-fatigue properties for added comfort, and a non-skid baking to keep mat in place. Anti-microbial treated to resist odors.
Slip Resistant Drainage Mats: Recommended for use in kitchens, restaurants and other wet/dry environments. Designed with large holes for maximum drainage. Features ½” ramp borders for smooth transition from mat to floor. Terra Cotta model made from grease and oil proof Nitrile Rubber. Black model made from natural rubber.
Safety Drainage Mats: Grease-resistant rubber compound withstands industrial cutting oils and chemicals. Large hole configuration facilitates drainage and resists clogging, while mini-diamond studs on top surface minimize slipping. Yellow beveled safety border is permanently affixed to the mat.
Economy Vinyl Carpet Mats: Use in entryways, lobbies and other light traffic areas. Non-slip vinyl backing.
Deluxe Vinyl Carpet Mats: Double rib, high/low design scrapes mud and dirt from shoes. Non-slip vinyl backing. Raised ribs run the length of the mat.
Superior Vinyl Carpet Mats: Extremely long-lasting mat. Heavyweight vinyl non-slip backing ensures minimum movement. Herringbone carpet pattern. Use indoors at main entranceways or any high traffic area.
Deluxe Rubber Backed Carpet Mats: Raised border and deep channels trap moisture and debris. Raised carpet pattern scrapes dirt, while non-slip rubber cleats hold mat firmly in place.
Waterhog® Mats and Runners: Raised square waffle pattern effectively scrapes shoes clean of dirt, water and debris. Mats soak up water, snow and ice quickly to keep floors drier. Quick drying and fade resistant. To clean, either vacuum, hose off, steam clean or shampoo.
Waterhog® Elite Mats: Herringbone pattern delivers an upscale appearance. Premium polypropylene fiber dries quickly and will not fade or rot. Non-skid rubber backing. For indoor and outdoor applications.