Seals and Ties

Plastic Truck Seals: Plastic Truck Seals provide indication of tampering or theft. Consecutively numbered, plastic, one-piece construction.
SnapTracker Bolt Seals: Barrier class seal for high value cargo. Consecutively numbered, solid steel bolt is C-TPAT compliant. Meets ISO17712 high security standards.
Pull-Tight Seals: Consecutively numbered, plastic, one-piece construction.
Equilok Pull-Tight Seals: Medium-duty. Fits most locking rings and equipment latches.
Tug Tight Pull-Tight Seals: Heavy-duty. Strong, versatile and easy-to-use.
Gemini Tote Seals: Twin set seals secure totes or other applications requiring two seals. Consecutively numbered.
Handilok Seals: Easy-to-use, HL-8 padlock seals designed for one-handed operation. Consecutively numbered with spring-hinged arm.
Plastic Padlock Seals: All purpose PP-2 padlock seals with engineered break point for fast access. Consecutively numbered seals feature 12 pt. break-point strength.
Wire Padlock Seals: One-time use PW-6 wire padlock seals require a cutter for removal. Consecutively numbered with galvanized wire hasp.
Black UV Cable Ties: For continuous or extended exposure to outdoors and UV light. Black UV stabilized. Tamper Proof - Designed to lock tight. Will not slide or loosen. Permanently secures cords, cables, etc.
Jumbo Black UV Cable Ties available.
Jumbo Cable Ties: Heavy-duty ties for demanding applications. Nylon ties secure heavy wires and cables. Locks tightly – will not slide or loosen.
Nylon Natural Cable Ties: Permanently secure cords, cables, bags etc. Tamper Proof - Designed to lock tight. Will not slide or loosen. General Purpose Ties.
Metal Detectable Cable Ties: Designed to help the food and pharmaceutical industries guard against contamination. Embedded metal bits enable detection by safety scanners. UL listed 6.6 nylon.
Security Loops: Helps secure merchandise together, or secure tags onto your product. Fast, economical, permanent attachment. Easily snaps together by hand; no gun required. 5,000 per case.
Identification Cable Ties: Textured tab for writing part numbers or data. Securely tie and identify bundles in one operation. Self locking seal. Tamper evident. Natural color cable tie makes writing clear and legible. Tensile strength: 50 lbs. 1,000 per case.
Beaded Security Ties: Quickly and easily tag parts without a tie gun. Simply thread through tie to desired size. Tamper evident (except releasable model). Available in Natural, Black or Red.
Extra Large Identification Cable Ties: Use the large 2” x 3” writing area to label miscellaneous parts and heavy machinery. Self-locking seal makes this cable tie tamper evident. Color-code inventory. Moisture-resistant. Tensile strength: 120 lbs. 100 per case.
Stainless Steel Cable Ties: Designed to use outside in even the harshest conditions. Use to secure wires, cables and pipes. Self-locking head for guaranteed security.
Cable Tie Guns: Quickly and efficiently apply ties to items. Three models available: Economy – Plastic Cable Tie Gun; Economy – Metal Cable Tie Gun; Heavy-Duty – Metal Cable Tie Gun.
Colored Cable Ties: Permanently secure cords, cables, bags etc. Tamper proof - designed to lock tight. Will not slide or stretch. Use to color code items.
Cable Tie Kits: Convenient kits containing the most popular sizes and colors of nylon cable ties. Natural Kit includes 400 5 ½” ties in 40 lb. tensile strength; 400 8” ties in 40 lb. tensile strength; and 200 11” ties in 50 lb. tensile strength.
Assorted Kit includes 80 of each of the following colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow in 5 ½” and 8” ties in 40 lb. tensile strength; and 40 each of the same colors in 11” ties in 50 lb. tensile strength.
Releasable Cable Ties: Use for items that are frequently modified. Simply press the tab to release. Ties are reusable. Choose from Natural or Black.
Cable Tie Mounts: Secure cables to walls, ceilings, desks and floors. Adhesive backing attaches to clean and dry metal, plastic, glass, paper and painted surfaces. Available in Natural or Black. 100 mounts per case.