Janitorial Supplies

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Paper Towels: Advantage®, economical, absorbent, 2- ply paper towel; Scottex, quality soft, absorbent 1-ply paper towel with absorbency pockets for strength; Bounty®, premium quilted 2-ply paper towel, the most absorbent on the market.
Toilet Tissue: Advantage®, economical, quality tissue in 1 or 2-ply; Scott® Surpass®, a soft, strong, high quality 2- ply tissue; Kleenex® Cottonelle®, super soft, premium 2-ply tissue.
Jumbo Toilet Tissue: Reduce roll changes with jumbo tissue rolls. Advantage®, economical, quality tissue in 1 or 2-ply; Scott® Surpass®, a soft, strong, high quality 2- ply tissue; Kleenex® Cottonelle®, super soft, premium 2-ply tissue.
Facial Tissue: Advantage®, economical, quality facial tissue; Kleenex®, high quality tissue in flat dispenser box; Kleenex® Boutique®, quality tissue in a space-saving dispenser box.
Multi-Fold Towels: Advantage®, economical, available in Kraft and white; Scott® Surpass®, super strong, quality towels; Kleenex®, premium quality towels with superior hand-drying performance.
C-Fold Towels: Advantage®, economical, white towels; Scott® Surpass®, super strong, quality towels; Kleenex®, premium quality towels with superior hand-drying performance.
Single-Fold Towels: Advantage®, economical, available in Kraft and white; Scott®, super-strong, quality towels.
Hard Wound Roll Towels: Advantage®, economical, available in Kraft and white; Scott® Surpass®, quality towels available in Kraft and white; Kleenex®, premium quality towels with superior hand-drying performance.
Twin Tissue Dispenser: Dispenses two rolls of standard size tissue up to 5 ½” diameter roll.
Single Jumbo Tissue Dispenser: Universal for all brands of 9” jumbo tissue. 
Twin Jumbo Tissue Dispenser: Sliding panel prevents access to spare roll until first roll is depleted; for all brands of 9” jumbo tissue.
Lever Action Roll Towel Dispenser: Handles most types of hard wound roll towels without jamming. Roll size: 8”.
C-Fold/Multi-Fold Towel Dispenser: Flip door transforms to a C-Fold or Multi-Fold cabinet; provides 50% more capacity than standard folded towel dispensers; holds 450 C-Fold or 750 Multi-Fold towels.
Single-Fold Towel Dispenser: Single-Fold hand towel cabinet with standard key lock; maximum towel size 10 ¼” x 3 ¼”; constructed of 20 gauge steel; 500 sheet capacity.
Center Pull Towels: Unique center pull design reduces towel waste. Soft and absorbent 2-ply rolls, perforated for easy dispensing. Center Pull Dispenser accommodates Advantage® Towels (600 sheets/roll, 6 rolls/case); and Scott® Center Flow Towels (500 sheets/roll, 4 rolls/case).
Kimberly-Clark® WypAll® X80 ShopPro® Wipers: Engineered to perform better than rags and shop towels; toughest wiper on the market; absorbs more oil and water, pound for pound, than laundered shop towels; no holes, strings, metal chips or residues (unlike shop towels); maintains strength in solvents; Jumbo Roll Dispenser available.
Kimberly-Clark® WypAll® X70 Industrial Wipers: Ideal rag replacement system, pound for pound absorbs more oil an water than rags; cleans oil, grime and solvent with one wipe.
Kimberly-Clark® WypAll® X60 Industrial Wipers: Great absorbing power in lightweight wiper; tough enough for big jobs, but soft enough for face and hands; reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power.
Kimberly-Clark® WypAll® L40 All Purpose Wipers: Outstanding general-purpose wiper for a variety of industrial cleaning applications; absorbs liquids, lubricants and oils; soft enough for face and hands; standard for over 20 years for general-purpose wiping. Available in Bulk Packs.
Kimberly-Clark® WypAll® L30 Economy Wipers: Offers a lightweight wiper at an economical price. Cloth-like feel at value price; strong yet soft for personal use; ideal for a range of light-duty maintenance, processing and janitorial wiping. Available in Bulk Packs.
Kimberly-Clark® Kimwipes® EX-L: the industry standard for lab science and research. Engineered for performance and purity; soft, gentle and absorbent; low-lint wipers; for delicate tasks; convenient pop up box.
Box of Rags: withstands industrial wiping and polishing applications. Soft, absorbent cotton/polyester blend; available in New White Knit or sanitized, Reclaimed White Knit. 10 lbs. per case.
3M® Maintenance Sorbent: High-capacity sorbent is an easy-to-use solution for cleaning up spills, drips and leaks. Folded sorbent technology can be used in pillow, pad, roll or boom configuration. Reinforced on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting; Dispenses from a portable dispenser box. Roll is perforated every 16” for easy tear off.
Scrubs® Hand Cleaner Towels: Pre-moistened, heavy-duty towels easily remove soil from your hands. Portable and convenient. Conditions and softens. Use on tools, equipment and work surfaces. Works fast on dirt, oils, adhesives, paints, lubricants, grease, tar, urethanes, epoxies, inks, dyes, sealants and caulks.
Softsoap® & Dispenser: Gentle enough for any skin type yet eliminates dirt and germs. Antibacterial. Contains light moisturizers to help hands feel soft. Dermatologist-tested formula.
3M® Sharpshooter® No-Rinse Cleaner: Cleaner quickly removes soil, grease and floor finish buildup. Penetrates and loosens buildup quickly, no rinsing required. Quart size comes with one trigger sprayer per case.
3M® Crème Cleanser: Designed to remove soap scum, hard water and mineral deposits, grease, rust stains and soil from hard surfaces such as stainless steel, bathroom fixtures and ceramic. Extra-thick, clinging formula rinses clean. Phosphate-free cleanser contains very fine grade abrasive particles. Non-flammable.
Troubleshooter® Liquid Finish Remover: Sprayable foam formula removes soil and finish buildup. Use on baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways and ceramic tile. Thick solution clings to vertical surfaces. Includes one trigger sprayer per case.
3M® TB Quat Disinfectant: Ready-to-use cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant, virucide, tuberculocide, mildewstat and fungicide. Highly effective against pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew. General, non-acid, non-abrasive cleaner and disinfectant for use in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and schools. Formulated to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces like floors, walls, metal and stainless steel surfaces, glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic tile and plastic surfaces (test on plastic and painted surfaces first).
3M® Heavy-Duty Degreaser Concentrate: Developed for extremely tough jobs. Quickly penetrates grease, oil and a variety of soils. Ideal for cleaning machinery, engines, factory floors, tools, trucks and metal parts. Can be diluted with up to 100 parts water. Can be used in automatic scrubbers, pressure washers and mop buckets.
3M® Glass Cleaner: Fast-drying, non-streaking glass cleaner. Use on windows, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, ceramic, marble and plastic. Non-ammoniated formula is compatible with Plexiglas® and most other plastics.
3M® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish: Ideally suited for stainless steel, laminated plastics, chrome and aluminum surfaces. High gloss formula wipes clean without any streaks or buildup. Resists fingerprints and masks surface blemishes. Light protective film slows resoiling. Aerosol spray leaves no greasy build-up on surfaces. Dispenses as a white, non-evaporating foam. Contains no petroleum distillates. Pleasant lime fragrance.
3M® Citrus Base Cleaner: Multi-purpose cleaner dissolves and flushes away dirt, grease, tar and most adhesive films. Citrus oil based cleaner emulsifies when flushed with water. Contains no petroleum distillates. Use to clean and degrease metal parts. Easy application aerosol spray.
3M® Silicone Lubricant (Dry Type): Eliminates rubber squeaks, prevents sticking and seals out moisture. Fast acting aerosol spray used to lubricate moving parts and to protect against rust. Contains no petroleum oils to stain fabrics. Preserves rubber, plastic and leather. Prevents glue and wax build-up. Will not freeze at -28°F; will not degrade at 350°F.
3M® 5-Way Penetrant: Inhibits rust and corrosion by spreading a thin, even film that penetrates the pores of surfaces. Displaces moisture and “dries out” electrical parts to help prevent shorting and increase conductivity. Aerosol spray-on penetrant frees rusted, frozen bolts, nuts and screws. Lubricates delicate machines and instruments. Penetrates and demoisturizes. Ideal as a tapping lubricant for stainless steel and aluminum.
WD-40®: Over 2,000 documented uses with more uses discovered every day. Removes adhesives, bugs and tar. Protects tools and equipment from rust and corrosion. Penetrates stuck and rusted parts. Draws out moisture to restore wet equipment. Cleans grease, grime and dirt. Convenient aerosol spray.
Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover: High quality graffiti remover will not run off of vertical surfaces. Gel formula stays on surfaces long enough to emulsify and remove paint without extra cleanup. Use on metal, glass, fiberglass, baked enamels, porcelain, brick, concrete and marble. Convenient aerosol spray.
3M® Blue Cleaner Pad 5300: Best choice for removing one or two coats of floor finish prior to recoating. Polyester and nylon fibers with dispersed abrasive particles. Can also be used for heavy-duty spray cleaning or foam scrubbing. Removes dirt, spills and scuffs, leaving a clean surface ready for recoating. May be used with detergent solution to scrub hard surface floors. Use on low speed (175-600 RPM) rotary or automatic equipment. Reversible. 5 per case.
3M® Black Stripper Pad 7200: The industry standard for use with water-based floor finish stripping solutions. Can also be used to clean heavily soiled concrete floors. Maintains high performance throughout the life of the pad. Removes scuffs and black heel marks to enhance floor appearance. Mineral abrasive intended to be used with water based floor finish stripping solutions to remove old, soiled floor finishes and sealers. Use on low speed (175-600 RPM) rotary or automatic equipment. 5 per case.
3M® Red Buffer Pad 5100: Best choice for spray cleaning and dry buffing a variety of floor finishes. Mineral abrasive cleans when damp and buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks to enhance floor appearance. May also be used for light scrubbing with an automatic scrubber. Use on low speed (175-600 RPM) rotary or automatic equipment. Reversible. 5 per case.
3M® General Purpose Floor Brush 53: For scrubbing most floor surfaces, including tile, brick, vinyl, marble, stone and other uneven surfaces. Unique wedge design provides multiple cleaning edges that get uneven surfaces cleaner. Silicone carbide abrasive intended for medium-duty scrubbing of uneven surfaces. Use on low speed (175-600 RPM) rotary or automatic equipment. 1 per case.
Scotch-Brite® Heavy-Duty Commercial Scouring Pad 86:Use in the kitchen to replace scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges. Tough synthetic fibers and abrasives clean grills and ovens, and remove baked-on food from kitchen and cooking equipment. May also be used to remove scuff marks on floors.
Scotch-Brite® Medium-Duty Scrub Sponge 74: Dual-action absorbent sponge and scouring pad makes cleanup fast and efficient. Green synthetic fiber cleaning pad on one side, and yellow cellulose sponge on the other. Intended for use on walls, tables, fixtures, countertops and floors.
Sweeping Compound: Specially formulated from oil, sand and sawdust for excellent cleaning on coarser floors. Designed for use on ordinary wood, metal and concrete floors. Sanded oil base. Twenty 100-lb. boxes per skid.
Oil Dry: Provides a fast and easy means to absorb most liquid spills. Naturally absorbs most liquids including most oils, water, mixtures of soluble oils and water, grease, acids, inks and paints. Holds its weight in liquid. Can be used for winter traction. Forty 50-lb. bags per skid.
Ice Melt: Reduce ice hazards on walkways and parking areas with fast-acting Ice Melt. Specially formulated mix provides sub-zero melting with a blue, non-staining water-soluble coverage. Contains anti-caking agents that provide easy flow for ice melt spreaders. Forty nine 50-lb. bags per skid.
Wet Floor Sign: Alert employees and visitors to wet floors. Sturdy construction – molded bright yellow plastic attracts attention immediately. Features clearly printed message in English and Spanish as well as international pictorial for easy comprehension. Hinged handle allows sign to fold flat for convenient storage.
Maxi-Tuff®Bucket/Wringer: Efficient side pressure wringer for use with up to 32 oz. mop head. Non-rusting and corrosion resistant. 33 quart bucket.
Readi-Clean® Bucket/Wringer: Separates clean and dirty water for cleaner mopping. Efficient side pressure wringer for use with up to 32 oz. mop head. 36 quart bucket.
Large Plastic Dust Pan: Molded from heavy-duty plastic. Deep 2 ½” back height for larger cleanups. 12” flexible lip catches fine dust.
Lobby Dust Pan: Durable handle made from extruded aluminum. Handle locking feature ensures that handle stays upright. Collection bin is high impact styrene for long service. Durable rear wheels improve wear resistance.
Feather Tip Push Broom: Soft PVC Feather Tip® bristles sweep fine dust. For light duty. Handle sold separately.
Plastic Bristle Push Broom: Features 2 types of bristles: soft PVC Feather Tip® sweeps fine dust, and polypro moves medium dirt. For medium duty. Handle sold separately.
Palmyra Bristle Push Broom: Long wearing natural bristles work well on wet and dry floors. For heavy duty. Handle sold separately.
Upright Angle Broom: Polypro fibers with flagged tip. Handle included.
Broom Handles: 60” handle available in wood or black metal.
Economy Dust Mop Kit: Untreated cotton yarn dry dust mop. Assembled kit includes head, frame and handle. Replacement heads sold separately.
Deluxe Dust Mop Kit: Launderable 2-ply construction, pretreated cotton yarn dust mop. Assembled kit includes head, frame and handle. Replacement heads sold separately.
Economy Cotton Mop Head: Cut-end 4-ply yarn. 1 ¼” narrow band. Good for general purpose mopping.
Heavy-Duty Cotton Mop Head: Premium looped-end 4-ply yarn. No fraying or unplying of strands. Absorbent and durable. Launderable. 5” mesh band with fantail.
Quick Change® Janitor Mop Stick: Plated steel wire head with spring action locks mop head into place. Black oxide head resists corrosion. 60” long fiberglass handle with swivel hang cap. Can be used with all size mop heads.
Straight 24” Floor Squeegee: Removes water and wet debris on floors. Tough, long-lasting rubber squeegee strip. Heavy-duty steel frame. Handle sold separately.
Curved 24” Floor Squeegee: Curved blade controls clean-up. Removes water and wet debris on floors. Tough, long-lasting rubber squeegee strip. Heavy-duty steel frame. Handle sold separately.
60” Tapered Wood Handle Squeegee: Smooth finish for hand comfort.
Foam Cups: Eliminate the need to wash coffee mugs by using disposable cups. Insulated for hot and cold liquids. Made from white polystyrene; not manufactured using chlorofluorocarbons.
Cold Cups: Durable plastic cups for cold beverages. Translucent cups are disposable, yet sturdy enough to be reused. Non-insulated cups made of rigid plastic; holds cold liquids only.
Plastic Utensils: Disposable Plastic Utensils are perfect for lunch rooms, cafeterias and restaurant carry-out orders. Strong plastic construction. Cost-effective – no washing or lost silverware costs.
Paper Napkins: Paper luncheon napkins for casual dining applications. Soft napkins feel better on hands than paper towels. Single-ply construction. 500 napkins per pack. 12.5”x11.7”.
Cone Paper Cups: Economical – small size conserves water usage. Constructed from linerless paper with rolled rim to hold shape. Disposable.
Paper Plates: Sturdy Paper Plates are disposable and will not melt with hot food or in the microwave. For both hot and cold food. Heavy-duty plates are perfect for heavy or moist food applications. Microwaveable.
Rubbermaid® Tilt Trucks: Rugged construction makes transporting heavy loads easier. Easy to handle and maneuver through commercial doorways and onto elevators. Constant force design allows controlled dumping by one person. Inset wheels (1/2 cu. Yd. and 1 cu. Yd. models) protect walls. Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and resist pitting and corroding. Available in black (red available in standard-duty 1 cu. yd. model only). Domed lids sold separately.
Brute® Roll Out Containers: Easy mobility for general refuse collection and material handling. Heavy-duty one-piece handle provides large, strong grip area. Low base designed for stability. Features inset wheels and foot tilter.
Mega Brute®: Mobile waste collection and sorting system. Innovative design for improved productivity and ease of use. Easy-access rear doors. Integrated storage for cleaning supplies. Easily maneuverable 12” wheels. Holds 23 gallon Slim Jim® (RUB138) and 55 gallon trash can liner.
Rubbermaid® Deskside Recycling Container: All-plastic construction, fits under standard height desk.
Rubbermaid® Recycling Bin: Stack and nestable bins feature built-in handles. Perfect for curbside recycling.
Rubbermaid® Slim Jim® Recycling Container: Convenient central collection site for multiple work stations. Efficient size and shape for tight spaces. Can be used with Mega Brute® (RUB100).
Brute® Recycling Container Without Lid: Can be used with Brute® Dolly (RUB129).
Brute® Containers, Lids & Accessories: Solutions for making waste collection more efficient, combined with quality, durability and superior performance. All-plastic, professional-grade construction resists dents and will not rust, chip or peel. Strong snap-on lids provide secure, stable stacking. 44-gallon containers feature venting channels, can liner cinches and fully round ProTouch® handles that provide a comfortable grip when lifting. Brute® Dolly fits all Brute® containers. Brute® Rim Caddy® fits 44 gallon containers only.
Rubbermaid® Trash Cans: Slim Jim® Trash Can for efficient use in tight spaces; durable all-plastic construction for easy cleaning and long life. Soft Plastic Trash Can fits under standard height desk.
Rubbermaid® Domed Waste Receptacles: Durable Marshall® Classic containers are FM approved for fire safety. Includes retainer hardware for securing and concealing can liners.
Rubbermaid® Hands-Free Receptacle: Perfect for lobbies, restrooms, shopping malls and restaurants. Durable and crack resistant. Controls litter, odors and insects. Drop and swing lid sold separately.
Glutton® Container: Largest capacity container for indoor and outdoor use. Built to withstand extreme weather and handling. Perfect for large crowds and high-traffic areas. Hooded Lid sold separately.