Paperboard Mailers

Kraft Flat Mailers: Strong Kraft chipboard construction protects contents from crushing or bending. All sizes from CD Mailers to Placard Size.
  • Available in economical tab lock style, and convenient peel-and-seal style
  • Self-Seal Mailers feature a pull tab strip to make opening sealed mailers easy
  Utility Flat Mailers: Save money on shipping costs with these lightweight, economical mailers.
  • Kraft Flat Mailers are top loading, and White Flat Mailers are side loading
  • Environmentally friendly mailers are made from 100% recycled paperboard, and are 100% recyclable
  • Features a convenient pressure sensitive closure and tear strip opening
  • Ideal for mailing soft goods, photographs, documents, forms and various promotional items
  White Flat Mailers: When appearance counts, choose these attractive white mailers to make your shipments stand out.
  • Resists bending or crushing. Additional stiffeners are not needed when shipping bendable items.
  • Strong white chipboard construction is available in two styles: tab lock and self-seal closure
  • Self-seal seal style features a peel-and-seal strip for closure, and a pull tab tear strip for opening mailers
  Side Loading Flat Mailers: Strong white chipboard mailers protect photos and documents during shipment.
  • Features a peel-and-seal closure and a side loading design to make inserting and removing documents easier
  • Strong, so no additional stiffeners needed, yet lightweight to save on postage
  Gusseted Flat Mailers: Perfect for mailing bulky items. Gusseted design expands to accept items up to 1” wide.
  • Attractive white flat mailers provide professional presentation
  • Strong white chipboard construction needs no stiffeners for protecting items
  • Convenient peel-and-seal closure and pull tab strip for easy opening